In 2019, we are celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Savings Bank concept: to spread and secure prosperity for as many people as possible - regardless of age, gender or origin. An idea that was completely new in 1819.

To this day, creating wealth is the purpose of Erste Group. We believe in people, in their ideas and abilities. And we want to support them in putting their ideas into practice. 200 years ago as well as today and in the future.

Our founding charter

The purpose of the savings bank is to combat poverty and to create and secure prosperity for as many people as possible. This is already stated in our founding charter:

The savings bank has the purpose of „making the means available to the factory worker, the craftsman, the servant, the farmer, the day labourer or any other diligent and frugal minor or adult so that they can every now and again put aside a small amount of capital, which they can later use to ensure better care, for a dowry, to help out in illness, for their twilight years or to achieve some other laudable purpose."

(Excerpt from the founding charter of „Erste Oesterreichische Spar-Casse")


Our attitude. Our history. Our future.