Erste Hub – Creating retail banking for our times

Making this world a little bit better every day. Isn‘t this the right thing to do?

Why are we doing this?

Society is changing. So are the technological and legal framework conditions in banking as well. Erste Hub was set up at the end of 2012 to work on these changes and use them productively. Our aim is to ensure that our products and services offer added value to the 15.9 million customers of Erste Group.

We are a responsive, creative change platform creating retail banking for our times.

The Erste Group subsidiary BeeOne GmbH is focused on the development of digital banking solutions and innovations. BeeOne is a 100% subsidiary of Erste Group and is part of Erste Hub. It is staffed by bankers and non-bankers, as well as business and technology experts, and aims to create an environment in which good ideas can quickly be turned into tangible results.

The team working at Erste Hub is interdisciplinary. 50 people are part of the Hub and they have a range of different backgrounds:  IT specialists, designers, developers and brand specialists work together with specialists from Retail Banking, Marketing, Product Development and Communications. Our resources are completely dedicated to innovation.

Erste Hub/BeeOne brings together a collection of different capabilities. The following main roles are included in our teams:

  • Business Analyst, responsible for projects from the first idea to prototype creation, and through to implementation and market launch
  • Developer, responsible for building cutting-edge solutions that work
  • Designer, responsible for creating an efficient interface and an appealing visual design

Since its creation BeeOne has focused on developing digital innovations for Erste Group with our partners and pilot banks in the Austrian and Croatian markets, by teaming up with Erste Bank Austria and Erste Bank Croatia. The collaboration involves integrating staff assigned from the above mentioned banks into the interdisciplinary teams; jointly developing ideas and prototypes, and then implementing them.

Further Erste Hub/ BeeOne teams are also teaming up with other local banks and facilitating the sharing of best practice in order to leverage opportunities for joint product development.

Erste Hub creates an entrepreneurial atmosphere in which good ideas can be put into practice rapidly by developing prototypes for new banking solutions (apps and web solutions).

Erste Hub/ BeeOne follows a structured approach to making ideas become reality. We drive change in every dimension – the bank´s self-perception, attitude, processes, organisational structures and technology.

  • The process begins with an unconditional focus on client needs
  • Our starting point is always an existing problem experienced by real people
  • We have adopted a stage gate approach from idea creation to implementation
  • At the start of the creation process we hold “shooting sessions”, in which the team challenges each idea from every angle, and decides at that early stage whether it’s worth pursuing or can be improved on. Some ideas may fail at this stage. We focus on ideas which make it to the next step in the process – creating a prototype; and finally, we make a decision on whether to launch the product or not

Erste Hub/ BeeOne aims at delivering an outstanding customer experience across all channels to the clients of Erste Bank. Erste Hub teams are currently working on some 15 projects, which will be rolled out in Erste Group banks in the coming months.