For Erste Group, sustainable economic activity means creating added value for people, for the environment and for the communities in which we operate. We integrate sustainable criteria and principles into our corporate strategy and also our bank products. The foundation of Erste Group’s sustainability principle rests on three pillars: social responsibility – diversity – environment.

ExtraVALUE Programme

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Sponsoring as we understand is the voluntary promotion and support of institutions, initiatives and projects in the cultural, social and education areas. The ExtraVALUE Programme is our commitment to social responsibility and to values that our enterprise deems worthy of support and promotion.

Sponsoring as we understand it is ExtraVALUE sponsoring.

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Erste Group is aware that each product sold to a customer, each financing decision made, and the use of resources for office operations all have an effect on our environment. This awareness has been implemented in Erste Group’s environment strategy:

Our environment strategy

  • Implementation of an Environment Management System throughout Erste Group
  • Implementation of a Supply Chain Management System for products and services in order to be able to manage our business
  • Implementation of environmental criteria in all of our bank services and bank products (particularly financial products)
  • Cooperations with environment NGOs aimed at the exchange of know-how and feedback (e.g. membership of the “WWF Climate Group”)

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Companies that are committed to diversity and integration benefit from motivated employees, a more positive brand image and greater customer satisfaction. Innovation and sustainable success are based on the different skills, levels of experience and perspectives of our employees. Erste Group sees diversity as an important component of its corporate strategy, which is also taken into account in the selection and promotion of talent. The individuality and diversity of our employees play an important part in fulfilling the needs of our diverse range of customers. In the context of our diversity principle, we concentrate on equality of female and male employees in management positions, the work-life balance and the promotion of different generations and cultures.

Financial literacy

Financial Life Park

The Erste Financial Life Park, known as “FLiP”, is a facility unique in the world which is aimed at improving the financial skills of children and young people. Located on the Erste Campus in Vienna, FLiP is a place where financial knowledge is conveyed in an innovative way and where the importance of finance as part of personal life planning can be experienced. FLiP is thereby promoting personal financial responsibility, providing the means of avoiding individual debt, and ultimately also contributing to the prevention of poverty. FLiP offers an integrative approach, providing barrier-free multilingual access to financial education for all types of schools and all levels of education. It is an independent facility without any marketing or sales purpose. The objectivity of its content is ensured by an academic advisory panel of experts from the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Stanford University, the Austrian debt advisory service and OECD.

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Time Bank

The Erste Time Bank is based on the idea that money is not the only currency that can be donated. In many cases, personal commitment and practical help are needed much more.

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Zweite Sparkasse

There are an estimated 40,000 people in Austria who no longer have a bank account. For various reasons (mostly unemployment, divorce or illness) they have slipped into a state of social or economic need, and in the end they have also lost their bank account. ERSTE Foundation has therefore set up Zweite Sparkasse, which offers people who have lost their bank account a credit balance account without any overdraft facility. However, this is only the first step on the way to a life without debt, which each individual has to travel by their own efforts.

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ERSTE Foundation

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ERSTE Foundation was established in 2003 on the basis of “Erste österreichische Spar-Casse”. It carries the public welfare principle on which the Sparkassen banks are based into the present age. As an Austrian savings bank private foundation, it is committed to non-profit activity on the one hand, and at the same time holds special responsibility as the main shareholder of Erste Group.

ERSTE Foundation is a powerful partner of a strong and self-confident civil society in Central and South-Eastern Europe. It invests part of its dividends in strengthening civil society, the inclusion of socially disadvantaged groups and the support of contemporary, socially engaged art.

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