Social Finance

Leveraging finance for social impact.

About us

Following the purpose to disseminate prosperity and provide access to financial services for all, Erste Social Finance Holding was established as a joint venture of Erste Group Bank AG and ERSTE Foundation in 2008.

As a social enterprise, Erste Social Finance aims for positive social impact and sustainable financial results. As stipulated in our Articles of Association we do not distribute dividends but reinvest all generated profits into new social projects.

Erste Social Finance acts as a social finance investor and intermediary in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. Our main activities include investing into social business models, which are financially sustainable and launching innovative social finance instruments in Central and Eastern Europe.

Investments and financing activities shall aim to achieve the following objectives:

Improving financial stability and inclusion for people on low incomes.

Enabling job creation and self-employment.

Fostering social innovation and enlarging the impact of social organisations.

Social Finance Instruments

Erste Social Finance offers equity and quasi-equity (sub-ordinated loans) instruments complementary to the debt financing provided by Erste Group banks. We invest into sustainable and solid social business models to support their initiation, upscaling and further development.  Investments shall deliver tangible social or environmental impacts contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) as well as positive financial returns.

We support public authorities or the philanthropic sector in designing and launching payment-by-result financial instruments like social impact bonds and support schemes for the social economy.


Please contact

Please feel free to contact your local partner for more detailed information about projects and products.

For group-wide information to products and the project you can contact Erste Group Team:

Peter Šurek

Head of Social Banking Development

+43 (0)5 0100 - 613726