”No age, no gender, no social status, nor nationality should be excluded from the benefits which are provided to all the depositors of the Savings Bank.“
(Erste founding document – 1819)

Our principles

Respect for human rights and non-discrimination Erste Group respects and promotes human rights in everything it does, and does not tolerate any form of discrimination.

Accessibility of our products and services
Erste products and services are accessible to all individuals through a variety of distribution channels. Erste creates an environment for special needs customers to have adequate access to its products and services.

Responsible marketing
Erste fosters a culture that is based on treating our customers fairly and with respect. Erste marketing campaigns are based on respect and do not include images or messages which are offensive or libellous.

Equal opportunity, workforce diversity and inclusion
Equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion are fundamental principles embedded in our corporate culture and key competitive advantages that drive our business success.

Health promotion and work-life balance
Employees are entitled to fair and favourable working conditions.
Erste is committed to Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) in order to improve the health and well-being of people at work.

Our employees are different
Diversity has been one of our strengths for more than 200 years. It is anchored in our corporate culture and is lived every day. 

In the following videos you can see the diversity of our employees.

Erste Group Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Erste Group sees diversity and inclusion as a vital part of its business strategy and key for attracting the best and brightest talents, who are able to offer the right products and services to a diverse client base. Innovation and growth can only come by levering the skills and abilities of individuals with a broad range of educational backgrounds, professional and other interests, work experiences, life experiences and cultural perspectives.

Erste Group´s diversity and inclusion principles are embedded in the Code of Conduct which places emphasis on providing a work environment free of discrimination and harassment and valuing the work and worth of each and every person, regardless of gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, race, skin colour, religious or political affiliation, ethnic background, nationality, citizenship or any other aspect unrelated to employment. 

Our Diversity and Inclusion Policy defines diversity and inclusion principles by which Erste Group is committed to live. It also provides a common understanding on what diversity and inclusion means for Erste Group and outlines roles and responsibilities, as well as general guidelines on how to develop, implement and adjust diversity and inclusion targets and strategy.


Overview and age structure 2019

Staff indicators refer to the end of 2019. Total data (50,245 employees; headcount) include data from direct and indirect holdings of Erste Group outside its core markets. 

Erste Group Bank AG is an excellent example of cultural diversity with employees representing more than 50 different nationalities. 


Further goals

  • Better understanding of our customers, greater appeal to broader customer segments
  • More flexible and innovative decision making and better business decisions (challenging group think and conventional wisdom)
  • Positive image among customers + potential employees (tap into broader talent pools)
  • Increased employee loyalty, motivation and retention + decreased turnover costs
  • Increased organizational effectiveness
  • Improvement of leadership and communication style
  • Positive impact on corporate culture & values
  • A “First Choice Employer” in CEE and beyond

Diversity milestones

2017 /2018

  • Group Diversity and Inclusion Policy is rolled out in all the local banks
  • Erste Colours LGBT & Friends employee resource group launched
  • Erste Group is one of the main sponsors of Vienna Pride
  • The rainbow flag is hoisted at Erste Campus for the first time during Pride month
  • Erste Bank Hungary launched Erste Nő (Erste Women - Women’s Club)
  • Erste Bank Croatia becomes a signatory to the Croatian Diversity Charter
  • Erste Group reached 36% female supervisory board members
  • Erste Bank Oesterreich reaches its target of 40% women in all managerial positions


  • BCR becomes a signatory to the Romanian Diversity Charter
  • Erste WIT – Women in IT initiative launched
  • Erste Group is one of the main sponsors of Vienna Pride
  • RISE female leadership program is introduced for women in the International Talent Pool