Our corporate APIs are here to help you integrate banking where you need it – direct access to your accounts and payments in your systems and processes. Using our APIs, you can enhance your processes, improve delivery time and become more efficient.

Here are some ideas for banking API use cases – and all of them go hand in hand with high security standards of a banking environment:

Have the banking data where you need it – no more manual data transfer from your banking frontend to your systems. This reduces effort & times and eliminates potential errors.

You can actually have your balances directly in real time –  no more waiting till the end of the day to check if expected payments arrived. You can get your balances as often as needed – integrated in your relevant processes – and trigger business actions.

Initiate payments from your systems and link it directly to your accounting – no more file uploads or  manual typing on the online banking.

Verify your customers’ identity easily online – no need to force customers to go to any branch. Save costs for the operation of a branch or needless paperwork and gain satisfied customers.

… more to come – get a comprehensive list of available APIs at our Developers Portal.

We are about to take it a step further – at the beginning of 2020 you can integrate all your Erste Bank relationships at once.

For information about our Open Banking activities in our local markets please click on the respective country: