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Our analyses will give you an impartial view of the financial markets and assist you in making sound decisions.

Erste Group Research is characterised not only by the highest standard of quality but also by well-founded local knowledge. In addition to the headquarters in Vienna, we also have research departments in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, and Serbia.

Our coverage spectrum ranges from reports on equities, fixed-income securities, and commodities to business and strategy reports. Here, in keeping with the strategy of the Erste Group, the local focus is on Central and Eastern Europe.

The aim is to offer investors and companies a snapshot of trends on the capital market that is as independent as possible.

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Group Research awarded 15 prizes in CEE Analyst Forecast Awards

Number of prizes for macro-economic forecasts in the 2019 Analyst Forecast Awards 2019 in our CEE markets including Austria up by 50 % over the previous year.

Focus Economics, one of the leading providers of qualitative assessments of economic analyses and forecasts in 130 countries around the world, awards prizes to the most accurate forecasts - including those of global investment banks and prestigious research institutes - from 92 countries every year in its Analyst Forecast Awards. 

In this year’s awards ceremony, Erste Group Research not only received 15 prizes - meaning 5 more awards than in the previous year - but made the top 3 overall placements across all categories for four countries, namely Croatia, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

The Analyst Forecast Awards are presented for the categories GDP growth, Budget balance/budget, Inflation, Interest rates, Exchange rates and Current account balance:


3. place “GDP” / 2. place “Inflation” (20 participants)
Croatia: 3. place overall ranking / 3. place “Budget” / 1. place “Current account balance”
(25 participants)
Poland: 3. place overall ranking/ 2. place “Inflation” (43 participants)
Romania: 2. place overall ranking (30 participants)
Slovakia: 3. place overall ranking/ 2. place “GDP” (22 participants)
Slovenia: 2. place “GDP” / 3. place “Current account balance” (22 participants)
Serbia: 2. place “Exchange rates” / 2. place “Interest rates” / 1. place “Current account balance” (22 participants)

“If you think about how many different institutions took part in the assessment, this result for Erste Group is a huge success! There’s a well-known saying: “Forecasts are difficult, especially when they concern the future”. If you look at this result, then that clearly doesn’t apply to us. With regard to our core markets, it can clearly be said that we do it distinctly better than the rest!” said Fritz Mostböck, Head of Group Research.

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