We supplement our sponsorship activities in the cultural and social sphere with a targeted commitment in the sporting arena and they constitute a key element of our commitment to the society.

The ExtraVALUE Programme of Erste Group

The ExtraVALUE Programme of Erste Group is our commitment to social responsibility and, moreover, to values that our enterprise deems worthy of support and promotion. These values go beyond the enterprise’s immediate field of business. For us it is the EXTRA VALUE that our enterprise affords, which comes from the proceeds of business and is passed on to society.

Thus, these are intangible values – humane, social, cultural – that the enterprise is committed to. Values that we do not create but that are valuable to us. This EXTRA VALUE is passed on to the people via our support and promotion of institutions, initiatives and projects, and eventually benefits the individual and the social and cultural needs.

The ExtraVALUE Programme of Erste Group is our VISIBLE commitment to our responsibility toward society and the individual. It is an expression of our self-conception that we as an enterprise afford this EXTRA VALUE.

Comprehensive information on the projects of Erste Group in the area of Community Affairs and Sponsoring, Financial Literacy, Corporate Volunteering can be found on the respective websites of our local banks.

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The ability of sport to bring people together and to encourage them to pursue common goals closely mirrors the business philosophy of the Erste Group. For decades we have been an active sponsor of amateur and professional sports events in Austria and Central Europe.

In doing so we seek to forge long-term partnerships and to do more than just offer our financial backing. The projects are executed in a spirit of close partnership with organisers.