This is the second year of Erste Group’s esports engagement. As the strong partner of one of the best esports leagues in the world, the European League of Legends Championship (LEC), we want to tell all the European players and fans: #believeinyourself.

Why we believe in esports

While many still discuss if esport is a sport or not, we look beyond that and see a community that came from nothing to create something everybody can enjoy.
We see excitement that started in streams and now fills stadiums.
We see players who made their way to the top against all obstacles.
We see fans who celebrated their passion no matter what others thought.
We see organizations and individuals that took a leap of faith to build something they believe in.
And we see how athletes who were looked down upon by society, media and sometimes even their own families became idols for millions.

They all came together to make esports one of the biggest and most professional sports worldwide. And they all embody what inspires us as an institution – and what we want to evoke in every one of our customers.

That’s why we’re eager to support the growth of esports and are more than proud to announce our continuing partnership with the League of Legends European Championship (LEC), the leading league for the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena title played by over 100 million gamers worldwide.

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