Erste Group extends Andreas Treichl’s CEO mandate to 2020

Yesterday, the Supervisory Board of Erste Group Bank AG extended Andreas Treichl’s mandate as Chairman of the Management Board until mid-2020.

Friedrich Rödler, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Erste Group, pointed out that with the early prolongation, the Supervisory Board wanted “to make sure that Erste Group with Andreas Treichl at the top will continue on its successful path in a constantly changing competitive environment and under sustained regulatory pressure.”

“I am very happy that Mr. Treichl has agreed to continue to serve in this position. Especially in the past few years, he has proven how important it is to have clear decisions, a consistently pursued strategy and to constantly adapt the company to new customer demands,” added Rödler.

Andreas Treichl’s new term will run until 30 June 2020.