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Erste Group

Erste Group Bank AG was founded in 1819 as the first Austrian savings bank. Around 47,000 employees are serving 16.1 million clients in more than 2,600 branches in 7 countries. Erste Group is one of the largest financial services providers in Central and Eastern Europe.

Here you will find details on our markets:

Austria Czech Republic Slovakia Hungary Romania Serbia Bosnia Montenegro Macedonia Slovenia Moldova Croatia
  • Core markets of Erste Group
  • Indirect presence in CEE
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Erste Bank und Sparkasse
  • Branches 920
  • Customers 3.6 Mio
  • Market share retail deposits 19.0 %
  • Market share retail loans 19.9 %

  • www.erstebank.at
Česká spořitelna
  • Branches 532
  • Customers 4.7 Mio
  • Market share retail deposits 25.2 %
  • Market share retail loans 22.9 %

  • www.csas.cz
Slovenská sporiteľňa
  • Branches 287
  • Customers 2.3 Mio
  • Market share retail deposits 27.4 %
  • Market share retail loans 27.6 %

  • www.slsp.sk
Banca Comercială Română
  • Branches 514
  • Customers 3.0 Mio
  • Market share retail deposits 16.0 %
  • Market share retail loans 16.3 %

  • www.bcr.ro
Erste Bank Hungary
  • Branches 117
  • Customers 0.9 Mio
  • Market share retail deposits 8.9 %
  • Market share retail loans 12.3 %

  • www.erstebank.hu
Erste & Steiermärkische Bank
  • Branches 152
  • Customers 1.2 Mio
  • Market share retail deposits 13.6 %
  • Market share retail loans 13.2 %

  • www.erstebank.hr
Erste Bank a.d. Novi Sad
  • Branches 82
  • Customers 0.4 Mio
  • Market share retail deposits 3.5 %
  • Market share retail loans 4.5 %

  • www.erstebank.rs
Banka Sparkasse
Sparkasse Bank d.d. Bosna i Hercegovina
Erste Bank AD Podgorica
Sparkasse Bank Makedonija
BCR Chișinău

Social Banking

We believe that banking products and services should be accessible to everyone.

That was one of the guiding principles behind our foundation in 1819 and we are still committed to this principle today. With our Step-by-Step social banking programme we offer people on low incomes, business start-ups and social organisations fair access to basic financial products, sound financial advice and ongoing, tailored business mentoring.

Marko Ristovski, a customer of Erste Bank Serbia, set up an “eco hostel” with the help of Step-by-Step, which he is now in the process of expanding. He explains what is needed to operate a sustainable business in Serbia.

Telebanking Pro

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Capital Markets and Research


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Investor Relations

Information about previous performance does not guarantee future performance.

Upcoming events
03.11.2017 - Results Q3 2017

Results Erste Group posts net profit of EUR 624.7 million in 1-6 2017; on track for a 10%+ ROTE Read more
Aug 4, 2017
Results Erste Group posts net profit of EUR 262.2 million in 1-3 2017; on track for a 10%+ ROTE Read more
May 5, 2017
Results Erste Group posts net profit of EUR 1,264.7 million in 2016 (ROTE: 12.3%);confirms guidance for 2017; proposes dividend of EUR 1.0 per share Read more
Feb 28, 2017
Results Erste Group posts net profit of EUR 1,179.2 million in 1-9 2016 and announces outlook for 2017 Read more
Nov 4, 2016
Personnel Willibald Cernko new Chief Risk Officer of Erste Group Read more
Sep 15, 2016
Corporate News Erste Group Bank AG decides to consent to optional redemption of hybrid capital issues Read more
Aug 8, 2016
Results Erste Group posts net profit of EUR 841.7 million in the first half of 2016 – continued improvement of credit quality and capital position Read more
Aug 5, 2016
Corporate News Erste Group Update – 2016 EU‐Wide Stress Test Results Read more
Jul 29, 2016
Results Erste Group expects to post net profit of approx. EUR 560 million in Q2 16, raises guidance for 2016 to ROTE>12% (up from 10-11%) Read more
Jul 14, 2016
Corporate News Hungary and EBRD acquire minority stakes in Erste Bank Hungary Zrt. Read more
Jun 20, 2016
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May 4, 2016
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Apr 14, 2016
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Feb 26, 2016
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Nov 6, 2015
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Feb 9, 2015

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