Analyst Coverage and Estimates

Erste Group is covered by numerous national and international financial analysts, who provide their own opinions, estimates and forecasts in respect of the company. On this page we provide you with the list of analysts and the consensus estimates.

Analyst Consensus Estimates post Q4 2018 results presentation - Release 28 February 2019

Consensus* 2019e 2020e 2021e
Total Revenues 7,215 7,585 7,932
Gross Operating Profit 2,962 3,269 3,556
Pre-tax Profit 2,390 2,536 2,643
Net Profit 1,522 1,624 1,717

*in EUR mn, mean. Updated 06 March 2019

Bar chart Erste Group share analyst ratings

The opinions, estimates and forecasts are the analysts ones alone and do not represent the opinions, estimates or forecasts of Erste Group or its management, nor should they be considered as a recommendation to enter into any transaction involving Erste Group securities. By including this information on its website, Erste Group does not endorse or concur with any of these opinions, estimates or forecasts and disclaims any liability for the completeness, timeliness, accuracy or selection of such information.