Manage liquidity

Efficient cash management to optimise available funds is the basis for success for every thriving business. You can count on our proven solutions.

  • Account Management, Payments
  • Payment Factory, Cash Pooling
  • e-banking
  • Cash logistics

Erste Group's Cash Management service offers effective, professional payment transaction processing together with intelligent, innovative products and services as well as local management of your account.

Thanks to our expertise we have gained in this field over many years as well as our extensive network in Central and Eastern Europe, we are well-positioned to help you to succeed in these markets.

Automation thanks to corporate CASH.MANAGEMENT

Erste Group’s large number of cash-management solutions ensures the highest possible level of automation in payment orders and cross-border transactions:

You can rely on our long experience combined with the latest findings to develop the best solutions for your company’s needs. To meet your needs, we analyse the current situation and work with you to identify the potential for improvement.

You can rely on our many years of successful collaboration with major international corporate groups. Increased automated payments and optimised liquidity management enable you to completely focus on your core business.

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Austria Czech Republic Slovakia Hungary Romania Croatia Serbia

Erste Group Bank AG
Robert Konrad

+43 (0)5 0100 - 16654

Czech Republic

Česká spořitelna
Michal Přikryl

+420 956 714 276


Slovenská sporiteľňa
Ľuboš Marček

+421 2 486 24758


Erste Bank Hungary
Zoltán Szigethy

+36 1 268 4461


Alice Claudia David     

+40 373 515 512


Erste Bank Croatia
Iva Popović

+385 72 37 1338


Erste Bank Serbia
Jasmina Šarić

+38 1 11 2209107