Our Digital-Banking services help you to process your payments efficiently and according to the latest standards.

Telebanking Pro

Experience Austria's most modern business banking for efficient payment transaction processing

Telebanking Pro enables you to manage your corporate finances held at Austrian MBS banks effortlessly, 24 hours a day. No matter where you are, on any PC with web access, on a tablet or mobile. Through integrated user and access administration, user access is easy to manage.

  • With key MBS functions for business
  • Now new as a web application, with the Telebanking Pro Dashboard
  • With iOS and Android app


Austria's most modern banking now with additional key functions for business

George is the ideal finance partner for your business success, since George will support you with practical functions, enabling you to process your company cash transactions faster and more easily. And the best thing is that George is constantly growing, offering more and more new functions.

  • Transfer money simply and intelligently
  • Intuitive searching
  • George SEPA direct debit
  • Import/Export offline data storage
  • Further functions provided by numerous plug-ins

corporate MULTI.CASH

The international „all-in-one“ solution for corporate e-banking

corporate MULTI.CASH is an electronic banking software package which allows you to retrieve and combine account balances and transaction details from your local and foreign accounts held at different banks in various countries.

The benefits:

  • All payment and account information within Erste Group and outside banks
  • High security standards through data encryption and qualified electronic signature (RSA key encryption)
  • Flexibility afforded by a choice of modules; the system can be extended and adapted

Product information corporate MULTI.CASH

corporate EBICS.GATE

Your electronic channel to your bank

Your benefits:

  • EBICS is a modern, Internet-based and open transmission standard especially for transaction management
  • Multi-bank capability or hub function of Erste Group towards CEE Group members
  • Full XML capability for payments or bank reporting according to the ISO20022 format standard
  • Full CGI XML capability for payments based on pain.001 and ISO20022
  • Upgradeable for EBICS 3.0 (BTF)

Corporate EBICS.GATE can communicate with any EBICS-enabled software, whether front-end or ERP plug-in.

Payment files can always be transmitted centrally to the EBICS server, e.g. also via transport signature.

Product information corporate EBICS.GATE

EBICS Parameter

Operating hours of the EBICS-Server: 7 x 24 (except maintenance).

Helpdesk for locking/unlocking of users:
+43 (0)5 0100 – 50310

Support Hotline for problems with the bank communication:

s Fileservice

The channel for your bulk payment transactions

  • Draw up payment orders directly from your ERP system
  • Secure data exchange via your internet link (s FTP or https encryption)
  • Acceptance of differing payment-transaction formats

The service supports the following payment formats:

  • SEPA XML (ISO20022 native, STUZZA or CGI scheme – credit transfer)
  • MT101 single/bulk
  • Reporting (MT940, camt.053, camt.054)
  • Customer-specific formats – require special agreement with us, your bank


High-security channel in conformity with international standards

  • Manage accounts at local and international banks world-wide
  • Data transmission in conformity with uniform SWIFT standards (MT und ISO20022)
  • Highest security standards
  • Internal audit rules can be met more easily
  • Round the clock availability of channel and services  (24/7)

SWIFT, the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, handles millions of financial transactions a day in 200 countries world-wide. Thanks to the standards which it has developed, it is possible to exchange both individual messages (FIN) and data files (FILE ACT) between customer and bank using a standardised procedure.

Erste Group Bank AG has been granted with the SWIFT Bank Readiness Certificate.


MA-CUGs (Member Administered Closed User Groups) are bilaterally agreed services for data exchange covering various areas of business.

  • Transport of individual messages and bulk orders in electronic files
  • Fast and secure data transfer via internationally standardised SWIFT protocols
  • Optimised straight-through processing (STP)


SCORE (Standardised Corporate Environment) makes it possible to reach a large number of banks through one SCORE user group.

  • For listed companies in an FATF regulated country
  • Access to the SWIFT network with standardised functions
  • Participants in the user group are banks and financial institutions

Product information corporate SWIFT.SERVICES

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