You can save costs with the standardisation and centralisation of payment transactions through corporate PAYMENT.FACTORY.

International payment transactions are complex due to the variety of country-specific data formats, which cannot always be processed automatically (non-STP). The consequences are high IT costs and more administrative effort.

corporate PAYMENT.FACTORY, by contrast, relies on a universally applicable format on your behalf (e.g. ISO20022 XML native or Stuzza XML or CGI XML, STUZZA edifact v3 Paymul AZV, SWIFT MT101).

Your benefits

  • Cost and time saving
  • Reduction of operational risks
  • No administrative resources needed in case of local format changes
  • One channel to all Erste Group banks in CEE (free choice, e.g. SWIFT, FTP, EBICS or e-banking)
  • Harmonised account statement structure if required (MT940 or camt.053)
  • Seamless integration into ERP-system possible (such as SAP)

Product information corporate PAYMENT.FACTORY

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