Whistleblowing "Erste Integrity Line”

Erste Group's Management Board has implemented a program ("Erste Integrity" – Erste Group's Whistleblowing Program) that enables its employees, while maintaining the confidentiality of their identity, to report certain internal company violations to an appropriate body (section 99g Austrian Banking Act).

The core of the program includes the "Erste Integrity" Internal Reporting Office, to which employees can report suspicious cases or simply ask questions regarding possible misdemeanours.

Since damage can be significantly reduced if it is reported promptly, this office offers employees the opportunity to submit information confidentially or even anonymously – in the event of suspicion of the following offenses or misconduct:

  • Financial Crime (fraud, corruption, embezzlement, breach of trust, embezzlement, extortion...)
  • Theft (assets and data)
  • Securities and market violations (insider trading, market manipulation, conflicts of interest...)
  • Money laundering and terrorist financing                                               
  • Conflicts of interest outside the securities business (improper gifts, invitations, secondary employment, inter-company relations...)
  • Breaches of banking supervision law (pursuant to Section 99g of the Austrian Banking Act)                                                    

The main framework conditions for the internal reporting office or potential whistleblowers are:

  • Anonymity / confidentiality
  • Protection of the persons involved
  • "Bona Fidae" rule and protection against false accusations

The following independent information channels for confidential and discreet reporting of relevant suspicious cases are available to our employees:

  1. Erste Integrity Line, an externally hosted platform:  https://erste.integrityplatform.org
  2. Postal mail:                   
    Erste Group Bank AG
    OE 0196 0985 Non Financial Risk Management
    z.H. Whistleblowing Office
    Am Belvedere 1
    A-1100 Wien 

Of course, an employee of the Whistleblowing Office is also available for a personal meeting - simply use one of the contacts listed above and arrange an appointment. Details can also be found at https://erste.integrityplatform.org.

Regardless of this, we still ask customers to direct any complaints to the ombudsman's office