Deposit protection

In Austria, the hedging of securities is regulated by the statutory investor compensation scheme. Securities which are held in a customer custody account are generally only held in safe custody by the Bank. They remain in your ownership and can therefore be transferred to another securities account at any time - even in case of protection.

If, contrary to expectations, this is not possible, the investor compensation will be applied. The securities concerned are secured up to a maximum of EUR 20,000. As a legal entity, you receive 90% of the claims - but likewise up to a maximum of 20,000 euros.

Credit balances in your accounts are covered by the deposit guarantee, e.g. credit balances of distributions on securities clearing accounts.

The legal deposit protection is applied if your savings are not paid out by the bank because 

  • bankruptcy proceedings were initiated,
  • court-supervised management was ordered,
  • an order of cease payments was imposed, or
  • the Financial Market Authority (FMA) has determined that a financial institution is currently not able to repay the deposits when due for financial reasons, and there is currently no prospect that the institution will be able to do so in the future.

Yes, the basic agreement on the joint liability scheme, to which the Austrian savings banks belong, lays down an early warning system to enable a savings bank to react quickly to economic difficulties. While the statutory compensation claim is a pure fall-back solution, we ensure our continued existence, together with the savings banks in the Joint Liability Scheme, with our economic substance. In this way, we ensure the solvency of the savings banks and counteract any claim for compensation.

Deposit protection applies to: 

  • Savings accounts and savings books
  • Payment transaction accounts
  • Securities settlement accounts 
  • Home-loan savings accounts

Not protected accounts are: 

  • custodial accounts for securities, learn more about this under "Are my securities covered by the deposit protection?"
  • deposits by institutional customers, such as banks, insurance companies, investment companies, pension funds 
  • deposits by the Federal Government, states, and municipalities

It applies to all customers, whether private or commercial. Exceptions are financial institutions, pension and retirement funds and government agencies (federal, state and local authorities etc.).

  • Funds are available for disbursement in addition to other financing instruments.
  • The banks will gradually pay into these funds until 2024.
  • In general, compensation payment is made without having to request disbursement.
  • The payment is made within 7 working days.
  • The depositor receives a registered letter, issued for his own use, with access data for a web form and can transfer his deposits as he wishes.