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Erste Group Procurement provides best-in-class supply management for its customers without drama or fanfare. Effective results delivery.

Erste Group Procurement is certified with the CIPS Ethics mark. This certificate is provided by the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) to companies that are committed to high standards of ethical behaviour and have a proven record of training of employees in this regard. EGP strives to have all employees individually certified in relation to ethical behavior.

Erste Group Procurement ensures for its customers:

  • Compliance to processes and standards of Erste Group Bank AG
  • Optimisation of expenses towards third parties based on total cost of ownership
  • Optimisation of costs for supply management
  • Transparency for risk acceptance in financial, reputational and contract topics

These objectives are supported by the three types of procurement services that have been implemented group wide:

  • Sourcing: strategic focus, proactive category / supplier management, implementation and execution of sourcing strategies, high value goods / services
  • Tactical Purchasing: operational / transactional focus, fast / efficient purchasing of lower value goods / services (e.g. eAuctions)
  • Order Management: transactional focus, call-offs from existing contracts / catalogues, low value goods / services

Erste Group Procurement ensures for existing and potential suppliers of Erste entities:

  • Fair and equal treatment
  • Transparent and professional supplier selection processes
  • High ethical standards for all participants

EGP set up a highly standardised on-boarding process for suppliers. This on-boarding process is based on the Supplier Code of Conduct, which is applicable throughout our organisation to ensure everyone with whom EG has commercial dealings will support EG basic principles and standards. Erste Group views its suppliers as partners in shaping its business. EGP performs Supplier Business Reviews with selected suppliers that achieved the "preferred" status to intensify collaboration and gain mutual benefit.

Erste Group views it suppliers as key to shaping its business to be more sustainable. EGP and the sustainability office have therefore created the supplier code of conduct that ensures that procurement decisions include the suppliers' social and environmental impact. In the course of fulfilling their contractual obligations, suppliers of materials, equipment and services, selected as group partners, are expected to:

  • Comply with national or local laws, decrees and regulations
  • Fulfil all their legal obligations regarding the health and safety of their employees and their contractors
  • Conform to environmental legislation
  • Respect and implement the following basic principles of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Protection of fundamental human and labour rights
  • Protection of the environment
  • Promotion of health & safety
  • Engagement against corruption

The full supplier code of conduct and the questionnaire for supplier as well as further documents can be found in the section supplier documents.

Supplier documents


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