New identification service via online banking

Now you can easily prove your identity and age online by using “eid Bank-Ident”. A common standard adopted by all Austrian banks makes this possible. Erste Bank und Sparkassen already supports it in the internet banking application George.

Identification by the bank

To conclude contracts online, you usually need to register with the respective merchant by entering your personal data. In the future, you can select the function “eid Bank-Ident” to enter your personal data and then connect to George. This will enable operators of web shops to confirm your identity and verify your age (check if you are of eligible age) with 100% certainty. The data stored - name, address and date of birth - is displayed and all you need to do is confirm it. For authentication, you use the usual authorization method such as TAC SMS or s Identity. These steps are all taken under stringent encryption standards.

This method permits personal identification without any room for doubt, because when you opened your bank account you had to furnish an official identification document with a photograph. The merchant can rely on the data being correct and you may continue to sign the contract online.

eid Bank-Ident is a modern and very secure product on the market that is fully supported in George. The electronic identification takes place directly and only with the explicit consent of the customer,” explained Thomas Schaufler, Retail CEO of Erste Bank.

Experience with the registration of prepaid cards for cellular phones

“eid Bank-Ident“ has already passed the trial phase. It has been mandatory to register prepaid cards for cellular phones since 1 January 2019. Buyers of prepaid cards must give their full name and date of birth. The identification method via bank account is being used very efficiently throughout Austria, with over 10,000 registrations per month. The “eid Bank-Ident” procedure was developed by “Studiengesellschaft für Zusammenarbeit im Zahlungsverkehr (STUZZA)” under a commission by all Austrian banks.

“Identification methods will be in high demand in the future. With “eid Bank-Ident” we give consumers and service providers the equivalent of a Swiss army knife featuring many different solutions,” said Katharina Quehenberger, Managing Director of STUZZA GmbH.

To use “eid Bank-Ident” as an online service provider, all you need to do is enter into a contract with your principal bank (acquirer) and implement the technical interface that enables access to all participating Austrian banks.


For further information, please contact:

https://www.sparkasse.at/erstebank/privatkunden/konto-karten/vorteile-services/services/e-identifikation (for retail customers)