Develop foreign markets

International trade opens up many opportunities, but also involves quite a number of risks. We help you to avoid these as best as possible and support you with every aspect of your foreign business.

Developing new export markets, acquiring foreign investments or opening foreign branches, investing in domestic capacity to expand export business, as well as gaining new customers and suppliers - there is no doubt that globalisation offers many benefits. However, entering new markets and establishing international relationships are challenging and also bring risks such as credit risks, price risks, transport and country risks, etc. In order to be successful, the assessment of these risks and the correct use of hedging instruments is just as essential as the fast and secure processing of payments.

We support you with our trade and export finance products in managing your foreign transactions, from classic documentary business (letters of credit, documentary collections and guarantees), and financing trade, up to optimising your supply chain.

We assist you as well in structuring your Trade- and Export business under export promotion schemes. Benefit from our contacts with privately held export credit insurers, state-owned export credit agencies and international correspondent banks.

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