In 1998, Erste Group Bank AG launched a debt issuance programme (DIP) amounting to EUR 30 billion. The DIP is a programme for issuing debt instruments in various currencies and with a wide array of available structures and maturities. In 2013, 106 new issues with a total volume of approximately EUR 1.5 billion were issued under the DIP.

Furthermore, in July 2010 a programme to offer bonds to retail customers and an equity-linked programme were implemented. In 2013, 117 new retail issues with a total volume of EUR 593.5 million were floated.

The Euro Commercial Paper and Certificates of Deposit Programme from August 2008 has an overall size of EUR 10 billion. In all, 62 issues amounting to EUR 2.8 billion were placed in 2013. Issues totalling approximately EUR 2.8 billion were redeemed over the same period.

In August 2008 the Structured Notes Programme (SNP) of Erste Group Bank AG was launched. The Structured Notes Programme (SNP) is a programme for issuing warrants and certificates in various currencies, maturities and structures.