Blind and visually impaired persons can from now on make use of the George Go app as well

  • Barrier-free mobile banking for the blind from now on possible
  • George Go optimized for accessibility features of smart phones
Peter Bosek

George Go App

The George Go app can henceforth be used to its full extent by blind and visually impaired persons as well: for the purpose of checking account balances, making transfers, or blocking credit cards. With the latest update for iOS and Android, all functions of the app can be used without assistance from others. The possibility of barrier-free use of the app is based on the accessibility features of the two large smart phone operating systems iOS and Android. Many blind persons already know and appreciate these accessibility features, but in most cases apps are not optimized for them and therefore only usable to a very limited extent. The George Go app is now fully compatible with these accessibility features and its design and interface have been adapted in line with their requirements. The barrier-free functions were developed together with blind persons and persons with a wide variety of visual impairments. According to the Austrian Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted, 300,000 visually impaired people are living in Austria.

George Go is automatically ready for barrier-free use once one has activated and set the relevant accessibility features directly on one's smart phone. A variety of functions are available: a zoom function, speech output, adjustment of contrasts or very large fonts.


In order to make use of these functions, the following activation procedure needs to be performed:

Activation on iPhone: settings>general>accessibility>vision

Activation on Android: settings>accessibility>visual aid>voice assistant